Our Purpose

Health professionals want to achieve their full potential in their career, but that dream has been blocked by inadequate tools for success.  People are frustrated and confused.  We understand and we have a plan.  We’ve guided others to success, and we’re here to show you the way.

Head of Education - Brendan Fox  Kin, CSCS
Brendan Fox is a highly regarded Kinesiologist and Fitness Trainer with a proven track record of success since entering the Fitness Industry in 2003. He is the Head Trainer at the Medcan Clinic where he works alongside Doctors to get clients pain free and fully functional. Brendan has amassed over 30,000 hours of one on one client time with a diverse clientele such as, Olympic Gold Medalists, Pro Athletes, Celebrities and CEO's. He holds over 30 health and fitness certifications and has been called upon as an expert to present at various international health and fitness conferences such as, the Canfit Pro Conference, the SWIS Conference, and Strength Coaches Summit in Europe.
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The Exercise Therapy system was created to help health and fitness professionals succeed by showing them how to restore clients to prime anatomical position.  When clients are in prime anatomical position it:

  • Restores function
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Prevents injury
  • Maximizes performance

Testimonials for Exercise Therapy

Brendan Fox worked with me to help me win Gold Medals in 2010 and 2018. The coaching he provided was a game changer and put me over the edge. I improved more with him than anyone I have ever worked with.

John Morris

2x Olympic Gold Medalist

The assessments and correctives I learned from the Exercise Therapy Association made me a better version of myself. It helped improve the patient care I was delivering. I highly recommend them

Arthur Cuenco

Clinic Director, Physiotherapist

The Exercise Therapy System creates ground breaking changes in function within minutes. Everyone needs this in their practice.



Dr. David Harper

Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist

About the Courses

Learn a system that takes complex scientific principles and delivers them in simplified recipes. Get a “Greatest Hits Playbook” of assessments and corrective recipes to create a wow factor with your clients and consultations. We will coach you through our step-by-step system that begins with your assessment, then uses the findings to tell you exactly what to do next.

Additional Info

What is prime anatomical position?

Prime anatomical position is the postural position that a person functions best from. The length-tension relationships in all the joints are healthy and the client is fully functional, meaning they can activate all their muscles.

What is a functional Assessment?

Functional assessments use muscle testing to see if a client has the capacity to turn on or activate the muscles being tested. If someone cannot activate a muscle, chances are they are out of prime anatomical position.

What is a corrective exercise recipe?

We use the term recipe because our correctives use a variety of modalities to get clients into prime anatomical position.  Most courses teach only 1 modality such as, just mobility techniques, or fascial work. Our correctives use a variety of modalities in the right dosages to get the best results. They involve mobility, soft tissue work, fascial work, stability, muscle activation and much more. These recipes have proven to get a 20% or more improvement in under 10 minutes.

We're rooting for you in the game of life!

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